Modeshift Reports System

Monitor transit performance in real time

How important is reporting to you?

To us, it’s of paramount importance - for innovation, optimization, education. This is why we built a Reports system that spans across the whole Modeshift suite of tools, giving our customers an overview of their business that no other reporting suite does - sales, passengers, trips, drivers, locations… A holistic approach to running a transit business that uses data to make informed decisions. Every day.

What makes Modeshift’s Reports system better?

  • Our transit reporting system is built-in, which means there will be no discrepancies between different data layers (a problem that often occurs if you use separate providers for different parts of your business)
  • It’s easy to navigate, which means everyone with access can take advantage of the insights to do their job better, more quickly
  • It’s customizable, which means it can be used to create detailed reports about… well, about anything transit

What can you do with Modeshift’s Reports

  • Give access to multiple users, with the option to assign different levels of access to each user
  • Navigate quickly between predefined reports and create your own. The transit performance reporting interface is intuitive and saves time that can be invested in analysis and optimizations.
  • Search your reporting database by a vast selection of variables
  • Export to Excel. When you’re ready with your report click Export and just send it where it belongs. It’s that easy

Take a look at just a few of the reports you have access to in a click:

  • Vehicle data: historical GPS reporting for every vehicle in your network, live bus tracking (basic and detailed overview of each vehicle’s trips)
  • Sales data: sales by location, fare type, payment, daily sales reports and more
  • Validation data: validations by route, account, fare type, validation failures and more

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