Modeshift Computer-aided Dispatch & Automatic Vehicle Location

Optimize efficiency and improve on-time performance

Struggling to find a way to optimize performance? We thought so (it’s not just you, everyone does). Transit agencies, especially those who experience growth pains, are finding it more and more difficult to keep track of their fleet. Our response? An integrated fleet management system that helps keep vehicles and people on track, and is fully integrated within our fare collection product.

Your real-time tool to create schedules, calendars, routes and more

  • Modeshift’s Computer-aided dispatch and Automatic Vehicle Location systems are based on a robust real-time GPS tracking that ensures what you see on your screen is what’s happening on the road
  • Their granular structure is easy to understand and gives staff the flexibility to plan for truly effective transit operations
  • Manage headways for the best possible performance
  • Fully integrated with Modeshift Fare Collection and Reports: you can have everything at a glance, in a single product. This creates a seamless experience for everyone involved in the process

Being on time is now possible, every day and with every vehicle.