Modeshift Account-based Automatic Fare Collection

One account, many benefits

Not long ago paper tickets were the standard form of travel documentation. Then came smart cards and their ability to withstand the elements and time. Today, in an era shaped by digitalization, everything you need to travel can be stored securely on the cloud. Meet account-based fare collection - the best modern solution to everything transit.

With an account-based fare collection system, transit agencies have the flexibility they’ve always craved, while passengers have the convenience they frequently lacked. A single, secure account backed up by the latest technology grants access to travel documentation and the ability to purchase and operate multiple passes, even save money on every trip.

How does account-based ticketing work?

Riders create an account: via their mobile phone, via a web portal, or at a transit center

Riders choose their preferred mode of validation: mobile app, smart card, even wearables like smart bands and key FOB

Riders choose their preferred mode of recharging their accounts: mobile ticketing app, web portal, cash payments at resellers

What are the benefits for the agency?

Modeshift’s Fare Collection System comes with a feature-rich, user-friendly back office where the agency can easily adjust fares, monitor ridership and get reports.

Modeshift’s Fare Collection System is operated on a SaaS model which means you can see your ROI spike right away.

Highest levels of security apply to all transactions and validation methods.

Modeshift’s Fare Collection System is hardware-agnostic: you can have account-based ticketing using legacy equipment and without the need to make new investments.

Modeshift’s Fare Collection System can help improve the fare recovery ratio by diversifying fare distribution channels and making the service more accessible.

MaaS-ready, open API solution that can be integrated with other mobility solutions quickly and easily.

Modeshift’s Fare Collection System is media-agnostic and comes with a full suite of validation tools, from cards to a mobile app. In the long run, agencies can reduce operational costs as mobile ticketing (a media that’s literally free for them) takes over paper tickets and smart cards.

What are the benefits for the riders?

  • Automatic fare collection offers an easier, streamlined validation process with the help of a variety of validation tools. Riders can pick their favourite, or mix and match.
  • Riders can recharge their accounts at any time with their preferred method of payment, securely.
  • Riders don’t have to worry about losing their validation media, everything is stored in their account and can be retrieved (no passwords involved).
  • Riders can benefit from different combined tickets (even across a whole MaaS network) and other promotions offered by the agency.

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