Mobile Ticketing: The New Trend In Smart Public Transportation

Transit agencies across the globe are facing new and unprecedented challenges – from the need to implement more hygienic solutions to the need to increase ridership and help reduce the ecological footprint of a city. Technology plays a big role in the optimization processes of major cities, and public transit is a major area where […]

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Why Contactless Ticketing Matters More Than We Can Imagine

Contactless technology has been around for years – yet it is now that we can fully appreciate how much it can help us thrive. As the world struggles to come to terms with the fact that life won’t ever be the same after the COVID-19 pandemic, we turn our eyes towards this simple solution that […]

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Taking Steps Towards The Global Adoption Of Mobile Ticketing

Mobile ticketing is an efficient way to solve the problems many transit agencies are facing today: it can decrease operating costs, improve line-speed throughput, even reduce physical waste. It’s a technology that has been implemented in many cities across the globe with varying success, but one thing stands out – even if available, mobile ticketing […]

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